Covid-19&Our CHURCH

What We're Asking Due to COVID-19:

A. If you're sick, or even feel sick, don't come to church. We love you, but don't bring ANY sickness to church or your class, ANYTIME.

B.For those that do attend  in-person services, we are providing hand sanitizer at each entrance. Please use upon both entrance and exit. When you come into the auditorium, you will notice that every other pew has been taped off for social distancing purposes. If it is NOT family members that have accompanied you to church, PLEASE sit 6 feet apart. MASKS must be worn in the sanctuary at ALL times. Masks are provided at each entrance. If you forget yours or do not have one please take one. No handshaking. No hugging. This is hard for Southerners but for mitigation purposes has to be done. Air hugs and elbow bumps are permitted.

C.Pray that this virus will be handled quickly. We don't want anyone to be sick or quarantined. Most people need to go to work to pay their bills. Pray for answers and for God's healing.

D. Please continue to give your tithes and offerings, even if you cannot come. Regardless whether we're meeting, the utilities, staff and bills continue day-to-day. Mail them in. Consider increasing your giving, because some are simply not going to be as faithful in giving as YOU are.

E. Follow our FaceBook page for updates and announcements. It's free, it's easy to sign up, and it's the quickest and easiest way to let you as a church, know of changes.