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A Brief History

Cherry Road Baptist Church

The history of Cherry Road Baptist Church began long ago with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus spoke of the “Church” or “community” twice once in Matthew 18:15-17 and the other in Matthew 16:18. He referred to “His” church in Matthew 16:18 and how we as His followers should behave in Matthew 18:15-17. He spoke little if at all about the legalities of His earthly church. As a legal entity, however, Cherry Road Baptist began its life on June 24, 1956. It was at that time that it was constituted as a cooperating member of the Shelby Baptist Association. Prior to that life it operated as a Mission of the Cherokee Baptist Church beginning in 1954.  It held its first service in a leased tavern called "The Hamlet", that was eventually purchased along with a two story house and 3 1/2 acres of land. There were a total of 62 present in Sunday school at that first Sunday. The first pastor was Dr. Robert Presnall a graduate of Southwestern Theological Seminary. Dr Robert Presnall served as pastor until 1968 when he resigned. In 1957 a small auditorium with seating for 300 was built. This new auditorium included a new Baptistry. The auditorium at the time was built facing Fredericks Avenue. This Avenue is now at the back of Cherry Road Baptist Church.  In 1960 an education building was built. The old tavern and the two story frame house were demolished. Having an enrollment in Sunday school of 700 and 549 member on the church roll this addition was put to valuable use. However, it was not long before the need of a parsonage was raised. Then in 1961 a house at 1837 Dearing Rd was bought for this purpose. This house is not the parsonage located next to the church on Fize Avenue. Rather it is located some blocks to south and east of the church. During the 1974 - 1975 time period a ground breaking ceremony was held for the construction of new office space for education and nursery. The sanctuary was also updated during this time. Additional property was also purchased for parking during this time period. Until 1982 the breezeway between the Sanctuary and Education buildings remained open. It wasn’t until July of that year that the breezeway was enclosed.  New construction at the church site did not occur from this time (1982) until late in 2001. At that time a new addition was constructed between the sanctuary, educational building  to include additional ladies bathrooms. Another construction hiatus to place after this construction that lasted until the Fredericks house was renovated for Brother Dan Morgan & Family.  A final construction project took place in January of 2019 to update the nursery to be in compliance with OSHA.

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